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Social Science Matrix is UC Berkeley’s flagship institute for social scientific research. Drawing on Berkeley’s strength in the disciplinary social sciences, Matrix offers a collaborative environment designed to promote new interdisciplinary research questions and to incubate creative new transdisciplinary research programs.

Matrix is a different kind of research institution. Unlike other centers, we don’t have a specific topical focus. Rather, we serve as an incubator for early-stage, cross-disciplinary research teams, and as a hub for events, including lectures, book talks, panels, and conferences that promote dialogue around the social sciences.

Our aim is to adapt, redeploy, and expand Berkeley’s existing research assets to better address the increasingly rapid pace of innovation in research design and to foster the increasingly cross-disciplinary skill sets required to produce cutting-edge, multi-methodological social science.

Matrix plays an important role in helping UC Berkeley carry out its public mission. Our center provides a space for social scientists to developing innovative solutions for society’s great challenges – challenges like environmental sustainability, artificial intelligence, human health, immigration, inequality, and the future of democracy.

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