Funding Opportunities from Foundation Relations and Corporate Philanthropy

Matrix is pleased to partner with the UC Berkeley Office of Foundation Relations and Corporate Philanthropy in sharing resources to assist researchers in their corporate and foundation giving. Visit the FRCP’s website for an up-to-date list of current funding opportunities. You can also join FRCP’s mailing list to receive monthly communications with new funding opportunities.


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Systems for Action: Systems and Services Research to Build a Culture of Health

Deadline: June 9, 2021

Systems for Action (S4A) is a signature research program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) that builds a Culture of Health by rigorously testing new ways of connecting the nation’s fragmented medical, social, and public health systems. This call for proposals (CFP) will provide funding for new research to rigorously test and evaluate innovative solutions to the wrong-pocket problem that persists across health and social service systems.


John Templeton Foundation
Building Character Through Community

Deadline: June 11, 2021

The Character Virtue Development department at the John Templeton Foundation invites proposals from organizations that seek to strengthen their understanding and practice of character development through communities of practice. For the purposes of this funding competition, applicants should be connected to a pre-existing community or network (e.g., school or school network, summer camp network, out-of-school program, faith-based network) and should be able to demonstrate interest in the subject matter. We are most interested in communities that impact at least 1,000 individuals.

    • Application Procedure: The application process begins with an Online Funding Inquiry (OFI) on the John Templeton Foundation’s application portal.
    • Budget: Open, the Foundation has allocated $15M for this funding competition. 


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Equity Scholars for Action

Deadline: June 16, 2021

The goal of HES4A is to support the career development and academic advancement of researchers from historically underrepresented backgrounds who conduct health equity research. Grants will be awarded to address the challenges that underrepresented researchers experience; help them overcome obstacles to earning tenure; and make progress toward acquiring independent research funding. Grants will support three aspects of career development: research, mentorship, and connection with a community of support. Application Procedure: Applications accepted online. Budget: $250,000 for 24 months.


Smith Richardson Foundation Strategy and Policy Fellows

Deadline: June 18, 2021

The Smith Richardson Foundation sponsors an annual Strategy and Policy Fellows grant competition to support young scholars and policy thinkers on American foreign policy, international relations, international security, military policy, and diplomatic and military history. The purpose of the program is to strengthen the U.S. community of scholars and researchers conducting policy analysis in these fields. Application Procedure: Applications accepted online. Budget: The Foundation will award at least three research grants of $60,000 each.


National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM) Foundation Research Grants

Deadline: June 30, 2021

NIHCM Foundation supports innovative investigator-initiated research with high potential to inform improvements to the U.S. health care system. Projcts must advance the existing knowledge base in the areas of health care financing, delivery, management and/or policy. There will be a total of $1M in funds available. Application Procedure: LOIs accepted online. Budget: No limitations, but previous project grants has been in the <$100K range.


The Workers Lab Innovation Fund

Deadline: July 12, 2021

The Workers Lab is seeking innovators with new ideas about how to transform systems and structures to make all workers safe, healthy, secure, and free. There will be two webinars for interested applicants on June 10th and June 22nd. Applicants may register and apply online via their website. Budget: Up to $150,000.


Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts: Opioid Crisis Innovation Challenge 2021 

Deadline: July 19, 2021

FORE will provide grant support for specific projects that bring an innovative approach to long-standing and complex issues related to all aspects of stemming the tide of the nation’s opioid crisis. This RFP targets projects which can explore and/or evaluate new “outside-thebox” ideas, bring together approaches from several diverse fields, and engage multidisciplinary, cross-sector teams to solve some of the crisis’ most intractable problems. Currently, this opportunity will focus on projects in the following three areas: Professional Education and Training, Timely and Actionable Data, and Supporting the Transition from Treatment to Recovery. Applicants may submit concept notes via their website. Budget: up to $300,000 a year for up to two years.


Unchartered: Economic Inequality Initiative

Deadline: None

Unchartered is dedicated to elevating solutions that increase wealth in the near term while building towards addressing the root causes themselves. In support of this mission, they are launching the Economic Inequality initiative to support eight early-stage social entrepreneurs, movement builders, and nonprofit innovators who are tackling wealth inequality in the U.S. Applications accepted via website. Budget: up to $25K.


Amazon Web Services: Diagnostic Development Initiative

Deadline: December 31, 2021, with priority consideration given to applications received before July 31, 2021.

Through the initiative, AWS will award $20 million over two years in support of research and innovation that accelerates the understanding and detection of COVID-19 and helps mitigate current and future infectious disease outbreaks. To that end, AWS is offering AWS Promotional Credits and technical expertise to support the use of AWS services for projects by selected institutions and companies in four program areas: early disease detection, diagnostics, prognosis, and public health genomics. Application Procedure: Applications accepted online. Budget: AWS credits.


Rosenberg Foundation: LOI Submissions

The Rosenberg Foundation currently makes grants in four priority areas – Leading Edge Fund, Justice and Public Safety, Immigrant Rights and Immigrant Workers’ Rights, and Civil Rights and Civic Participation. The foundation works closely with social justice advocates, policy makers and other thought leaders throughout the state to identify the strategies that will best help us achieve positive impact in California within each program. As such, most of our grantee partners are identified and contacted by foundation staff first. In addition, we frequently invest in emerging initiatives and organizations, and are committed to long-term relationships with our grant partners. Application Procedure: Letter of Inquiries accepted by email to Grants Manager, Linda Moll. Budget: Grants are typically in the $10K-$50K range

University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center
Primals Research Awards

Deadline: September 26, 2021

The University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center, with support from the Templeton Religion Trust, is pleased to announce the Primals Research Awards. Our goal is to promote new empirical research exploring how primal world beliefs (‘primals’) are formed, maintained, change, or influence nontrivial outcomes or psychological processes. As recently introduced (Clifton et al., 2019;, primals are basic perceptions of the general character of the world as a whole, such as the world is dangerous and the world is interesting, that correlate with many behaviors and wellbeing-related variables

    • Application Procedure: Please email Letters of Intent (LOIs) to
    • Budget: One $250,000 award and two $125,000 awards that will be administered over 24 months (July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2024) 


Jack Dorsey’s Public Fund
Start Small

In April 2020, Jack Dorsey pledged 19.8 million shares of Square to Start Small for charitable contributions for COVID-19. The primary goal of the fund currently is to fund global COVID-19 relief. After the pandemic, the fund will shift to girl’s health and education, as well as UBI. 

  • Budget: No limitations
  • Application Procedure: Funding requests can be submitted via the Start Small website. 


Smith-Richard Foundation
Domestic Policy
International Security & Foreign Policy

Deadline: Rolling Applications Accepted

The mission of the Smith Richardson Foundation is to contribute to important public debates and to address serious public policy challenges facing the United States. The Foundation seeks to help ensure the vitality of our social, economic, and governmental institutions. It also seeks to assist with the development of effective policies to compete internationally and to advance U.S. interests and values abroad.

  • Budget: No limitations
  • Application Procedure: The Foundation has a two-stage application process. Initial inquiries should be submitted by mail in the form of the concept paper. Interested applicants may contact Sylvia Bierhuis for pre-application counseling.