Call for Proposals: 2023-2024 Matrix Research Teams

The deadline for 2023-2024 Matrix Research Teams has now passed.

Please stay tuned to this website or the Matrix newsletter for updates on future opportunities.

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Social Science Matrix, UC Berkeley’s cross-disciplinary social science incubator, invites proposals from faculty, students, and affiliated researchers for Matrix Research Teams for the 2023-2024 academic year. 

Matrix Research Teams are groups of scholars who gather regularly to explore or develop a novel question or emerging field in the social sciences, which may also intersect with disciplines in the humanities and sciences more broadly. Successful research teams integrate participants from several disciplines, address a compelling research question with real-world significance, and deploy or develop appropriate methodologies in innovative ways. Ideally, all research teams — whether faculty- or student-led — will also contain members of diverse ranks (i.e. faculty, post-docs, affiliated researchers, and graduate students). Research Teams are expected to be active at Matrix and to use their funding to support their meetings and research activities. 

  • Faculty-led Research Teams receive funding in the amount of $5000. They run for two semesters, meeting at least once a month around a defined research problem. Led or co-led by tenure-track faculty or advanced affiliated researchers eligible for PI status from UC Berkeley, these teams are expected to actively pursue extramural funding and will receive Matrix’s support in this, so that by the end of the 2023-2024 academic year, the team will have applied for one or more grants to support their research. Funding for Faculty-led Research Teams is intended to be used as seed funding for exploratory research collaborations that will ideally lead to future grant applications. The funding can be directed toward events, like conferences and symposia, to the extent that they contribute to furthering this goal. We are especially interested in research groups that want to grow beyond their current constituency and promote their work beyond the UC Berkeley campus.
  • Student-led Research Teams will receive funding in the amount of $1500. Coordinated by one or more graduate students, they will meet regularly, around 5-10 times over the course of the academic year, and explore an emerging field — a new area or question of inquiry — and assess whether it has potential for further investigation. Funding for Student-led Research Teams is intended to further collaboration among graduate students, provide professional development, and create opportunities for faculty engagement and mentorship. Funds can be used in a variety of ways, including: hosting a reading group, creating a podcast, or holding an event series at Matrix.

In addition to funding, all Matrix Research Teams receive administrative support in coordinating, scheduling, and reserving space in our offices on the top floor of the Social Sciences Building. Matrix provides communications support to help publicize each group’s work, and Research Teams receive assistance with administering funding, as well as identifying and applying for further funding. All research teams are expected to submit a report at the conclusion of their term.

Matrix Research Teams are intended to support Social Science Matrix’s goals of advancing transdisciplinary research and building community across campus.

For more information — including overviews of past examples of Matrix Research Teams — see For questions, please contact Julia Sizek at