Critical Infrastructure Under Stress

An Interdisciplinary Initiative at UC Berkeley

crumbling infrastructure

Global Metropolitan Studies and Social Science Matrix invite members of the UC Berkeley community — including doctoral students, researchers, and faculty — to participate in a campus-wide, interdisciplinary research initiative entitled, “Critical Infrastructure Under Stress.” The objective of this year-long series of events is to build connections across disciplines and to define and enable an impactful research agenda that leverages the rich research community at UC Berkeley and beyond.

The kick-off workshop, to be held on Friday, October 8, will feature lightning talks and breakouts on the following broad themes:

  • Infrastructure and Public Purpose
  • Pandemic Revelations and Accelerations
  • Deterioration, Disaster, and Resilience

The Organizing Committee for this initiative comprises representatives from diverse departments, including: Sai Balakrishnan, City and Regional Planning; Marion Fourcade, Sociology; Matt Kondolf, Landscape Architecture; Alison Post, Political Science; Cihan Tugal, Sociology; and Joan Walker, Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Please register through the link below to receive information about the location of this event. Note that a Cal Green Access Badge and/or proof of vaccination and ID are required for entry.

Registration link




1:00pm – 2:30pm: Introduction to Initiative and Themes


Dean Tsu-Jae King Liu, College of Engineering

Prof. Sai Balakrishnan, City and Regional Planning

Prof. Stephen Collier, City and Regional Planning

Prof. Paul Edwards, Science Technology and Society (Stanford)

Dr. Alex Schafran, Institute for Metropolitan Studies (San Jose State University)

Prof. Raja Sengupta, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Prof. Kenichi Soga, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Prof. Alison Post, Political Science

Prof. Joan Walker, Civil and Environmental Engineering


2:30pm – 4:00pm: Thematic Strategy Breakout Discussions


Theme C: Deterioration, Disaster, and Resilience

Soga from Intro session

Prof. Charisma Acey, City and Regional Planning

Prof. Adda Athanasopoulos-Zekkos, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Salma Elmallah, Energy and Resources Group and GMS DE

Prof. Daniel Kammen, Energy and Resources Group

Prof. G. Mathias Kondolf, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Prof Danielle Rivera, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Dr. Anna Serra-Llobet, CCRM/Social Science Matrix


Theme A: Infrastructure and Public Purpose

Edwards, Post, and Schafran from Intro session

Dagin Faulkner, City and Regional Planning

Prof. Zoé Hamstead, City and Regional Planning

Dr. Jane Macfarlane, Director, Smart Cities and Sustainable Mobility

Julia Sizek, Anthropology

Prof. Cihan Tugal, Sociology

Dr. Jeff Vincent, Director, Center for Cities & Schools


Theme L: Pandemic Revelations and Accelerations

Balakrishnan and Sengupta from Intro session

Juan Caicedo, Civil and Environmental Engineering and GMS DE

Prof. Marion Fourcade, Sociology

Prof. Ashok Gadgil, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Madeleine Parker, City and Regional Planning and GMS DE


And you! We welcome UCB Doctoral students, Staff, and Faculty Researchers.


4:00pm: Reception and Wrap-up