Dissertation Proposal Development Workshops

Led by Social Science Matrix Interim Director Michael Watts, Emeritus “Class of 1963” Professor of Geography and Development Studies at UC Berkeley, Dissertation Proposal Development Workshops aim to help graduate students from departments within the social science division to formulate realistic and rigorous dissertation proposals that are mindful of how their work pertains to a broader interdisciplinary field.

During the workshop, students are introduced to funding opportunities, as well as how to conceptualize a dissertation topic and frame it to be competitive for both inter- and extramural fellowship support. Participants workshop one or more proposals, depending on time, as a way of highlighting what makes for a robust and compelling application for research funding.

These workshops are open to post-MA students who are ideally in the process of working on a dissertation proposal or who are intending to meet funding deadlines (from the Social Science Research Council, the NSF, and other research foundations and organizations). Visit our Events page for information about upcoming workshops.